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Paulo Werneck in Modernism magazine

By , October 16, 2009 11:52 am

Modernism Magazine - Summer 09This post comes a little late, but we just got our hands on the Summer issue of Modernism magazine last week. Their cover was dedicated to the Werneck House, a fine example of Brazilian modernist architecture of the 1950s.

The house design, a gift that artist Regina Wernek received from Marcelo Roberto — one of three brothers who formed the architecture firm MMM Roberto — is a jewel in terms of all-around sophisticated design. Besides the innovative building process, practically every constructive and decorative detail in the house was designed and made to order, from wall and floor coverings to cabinets and closets, dinnerware and fabrics. At the entrance, the visitor is welcomed by a lovely mural made in Vidrotil glass mosaic tiles by Regina’s father, Paulo Werneck, in 1959. “[The mural] blends the aesthetics of decorative art with the function of a durable and protective exterior,” says Werneck’s grandson and current house owner, designer Gaspar Saldanha. The Werneck House is emblematic of masterful design and understated distinction.


As to the mosaic art of Paulo Werneck (1907-1987), it was informed by the Modernist movement launched in Brazil in the late 1920s. In the words of art historian Carlos Martins, Werneck’s murals can be found in numerous residences and public buildings across Brazil, designed by modernist architects that include Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier, to which they provide a dynamic, complement and distinctive character.

Werneck’s murals have been surveyed as part of the Paulo Werneck Project and can be seen here.

Unfortunately, Modernism magazine does keep older online articles on file, but for more pictures we suggest you check out this blog.

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